Abbiamo intervistato AdeY

Abbiamo intervistato AdeY

Please, tell us when did your project Human Behaviour started.

(The project doesn’t have a title. Human Behaviour was the title of an article in Yatzer Magazine)

My nude series started during summer 2014 and accumulated into what I create at present.

What do you want people that look at your pics feel like?

My work is fuelled by inequalities I see and experience. I want to desexualise nudity through imagery and question gender roles and human interaction. I hope my images elicit some kind of emotional response to these topics.

What kind of music you prefer and why?

I have a very eclectic taste in music but normally chill out by listening to 70’s and 80’s rock. I have been known to shake my ass to a bit of Rihanna from time to time 😉

Do you have a favourite photographer or one you take inspiration for?

I enjoy many photographers work and draw inspiration from a number of genres. I recently discovered the work of Japanese photographer Mayumi Hosokura and love her use of colours.

Your favorite colour? And why.

schermata-2016-10-31-alle-11-09-55  Abbiamo intervistato AdeY Schermata 2016 10 31 alle 11

There is a story behind your pics? I mean: has each pic a story? If yes, do you want to make an example?

Most of my images at portraying a certain theme of story in an abstract or surreal way. For instance in my Image ‘Are You Sure?’ i’m talking about identity and how one chooses or is forced to hide behind it.

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In wich way do you choose your subject?

Sometimes they choose me which is nice but in general the people in my pictures are friends who are interested in art and photography.


Instagram: __adey__

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