Quattro chiacchiere con Alex Clare

Quattro chiacchiere con Alex Clare

Quattro chiacchiere con Alex Clare

Quattro chiacchiere con Alex Clare

A due anni di distanza, e dopo un radicale cambio di vita, Alex Clare torna sulle scene musicali con “Tail Of Lions”, un disco molto personale e  colpo di scena… ci dedica qualche momento!

1) What’s behind the title of the new album ‘Tail of Lions’ ?
In this day and age, there is a propensity for people to strive to be at the head of negative situations, or in positions of power they’re probably not suitable for. the title is a reference to that. being that units better to be a tail to something truly great than at the head of something crooked.

2) As you reflect in the way of saying “it’s better to be the tail of a lion than the head of a fox”?
Precisely! its a n old jewish proverb for the  the book “ethics of the fathers”

3) Is it true that you wrote the album on a boat in the middle of nowhere?
Sort of. i wrote and produced the album with my friend and bass play Chris Hargreaves. he lives on a narrow boat on the river lea, just east of the city of london. you wouldn’t even know there is a river there. but its a beautiful spot. its actually the same river i wrote most of my first album The Lateness of The Hour. also used to live on a boat there.

4)The tracks of this album tell us abo ut your emotion, your love and your life, it was hard to get naked in this way?
Not really. as songwriter, personally have always drawn on my emotions heavily when writing. its a sort catharsis.

5) Is the new single devoted to someone particularly?
yes, it was inspired after a fall out with my wife. I’m happily married, but marriage has its challenges.

6)Which kind of music do you listen to when you’re traveling?
All sorts, form blues and soul to Jazz and hip hop. i actually love listening to audio books when i travel!

7)With who would want to collaborate in the future?’
Watch this space, there are few interesting ones coming up!

8)when will we see you on stage in Italy?
Soon I hope! I love italy, but I’ve never played alive show there.

xox to all!

Twitter: @alexanderclare

Instagram: @alexanderclare

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