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Una piccola e intensa intervista a Coeur de Pirate

Una piccola e intensa intervista a Coeur de Pirate

Una piccola e intensa intervista a Coeur de Pirate

Una piccola e intensa intervista a Coeur de Pirate

Vi proponiamo una chiacchierata fatta qualche giorno fa, con Coeur de Pirate che  sta promuovendo l’uscita del suo terzo album “Roses”, enjoy!

Your third album, titled Roses, where did that album title come from?
I liked the idea that a rose is usually delivered as a message… for me each song is kind of a letter, to myself or to someone else. an album constitutes a bouquet of roses, an ensemble of letters.
Roses is the first album that is half English, half French. Is it harder to write in English than French?
It was harder at the beginning but then everything kind of evened itself out. I have a different tone when I sing in french, it’s so nice to be able to play with both.

Which is your favorite song from the new album and why?
I like Crier tout bas, but Oceans brawl is very important to me because it really gave the whole album its pace.

How it was collaborate with big name like Bjorn Yttling (member of Peter Bjorn and John), Rob Elilis (longtime collaborator of PJ Harvey) and Ash Workman (Metronomy)?
I was super stoked, I was just being a fan the whole time… working with producers that are musicians themselves and that have a long history of working with women and being respectful towards them, it was just really important to me.

The art work on Roses is very beautiful. Who created that?
Hsiao Ron Cheng! I love her, I found her via Pinterest.

What do you want listeners to know about Roses?
That it’s an album about change, about growing up. I was never sure that I wanted to release a third record so it really took everything on my part to do it. But I’m glad I did, it might be the last time I ever do because the album format is almost gone! So I’m cherishing it.

What do you expect from this world tour ?
I’m actually almost done. This is like my 150th show or something… I’m exhausted. Maybe if something insane happens like my song gets picked up somewhere and things get going but yeah, at this point thats going to be rare… so I’m almost done, Im just glad I got to visit the fans in Italy that have been waiting like 8 years for me to come.

Now, at the end of our interviews we usually ask a few random questions. In other interviews with you I’ve read, you’ve mentioned being a TV fan. Which TV show would you recommend us?
My biggest TV crush is a show called The Leftovers. It is an insanely brilliant show with brilliant acting. I truly recommend it.

Five things Béatrice can’t live without.
My daughter, my nintendo DS, a good eyeliner, almond butter, and my passport

What’s next for Coeur de Pirate?
I’m going to finish this last stretch of shows and then I’m going to disappear for a while, work on secret things 😉